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6.1.1. Protective Equipment

Emergency response and disaster recovery is managed on two levels – mine site internal systems and mines rescue services external response.

Mines are required by law to have an emergency management system, emergency apparatus maintained in readiness at all times and emergency training for all personnel.

Escape apparatus includes (Table 16):

  • Self Contained (Oxygen providing) Self Rescuers (SCSR) personally worn at all times

  • long duration breathing apparatus (SCSR or Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus (CABA) or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)) provided in caches strategically positioned throughout the mine to enable all underground personnel to escape to the surface

  • change over stations for rest and recuperation of escaping personnel using SCSRs

  • recharge/change over stations for CABA to refill the air tanks

  • life lines to assist escaping personnel traverse mine roadways under poor visibility, link lines to assist in keeping account of all escaping personnel

  • reflective route marking systems

  • walking canes to aid in ‘feeling’ the route of travel.

All mines maintain a mines rescue room or mines rescue equipment for quick response and aided rescue of mine workers. Equipment typically includes:

  • long duration breathing apparatus such as BG4

  • trauma and first aid equipment

  • gas analysis equipment

  • emergency tools

  • communication apparatus.

Table 16 Website addresses of protective equipment

Equipment details


Self Contained Self Rescuers (SCSR)




Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)




Refuge chambers

Strata Safety

US Study



Recharge station

As for SCBA

Safety Solutions

Escape Vehicle

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