Report: APP CMHS Project 4

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5.1. People and Systems

The majority of content regarding hazard identification, risk management, crisis management and disaster recovery presented in this report focuses on technology and systems. However, the requirement for and interaction of people within the overall management process cannot be underestimated. This requirement is more than people managing and implementing the established systems. It extends to issues such as:

  • personal risk attitude – an individuals response to hazards and risk

  • caring and recognition – extent to which employees are considered first as people

  • management leadership and commitment – involvement and commitment of senior managers in safety and risk management as witnessed by actions

  • safety accountability – level of definition of safety risk management related roles for all individuals in all activities

  • employee involvement and consultation – employee participation in decisions affecting the way jobs are conducted

  • coaching and mentoring – support, mentoring, counselling and feedback to help people perform according to expectations.

A fully integrated risk management system relies on competent people and a commitment to developing those people in the development and implementation of a range of systems as indicated in the following sections.

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