Report: APP CMHS Project 4

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5. Implementing Hazard Identification and Risk Management Systems

5. Implementing Hazard Identification and Risk Management Systems

The goal of implementing a risk management system is to have in place a carefully designed systematic approach to managing risk that attempts to ensure all important decisions involve some risk management processes. Integrated risk management involves the formal placement of risk management activities throughout the key management and engineering processes of the site, including day to day work planning and control.

Achieving an effective integrated risk management system requires evolution of the systems over time. It would be virtually impossible for a site with limited formal risk management approaches to attempt to apply integrated risk management systems. It is necessary for the systems to evolve through a series of stages.

The information summarised in Table 4 can be used to determining the current situation with regard to risk management and the steps that are needed to move the system to a fully integrated risk management system.

5. Implementing Hazard Identification and Risk Management Systems

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