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3. Factors Impacting Australian Experience in Risk Management

3. Factors Impacting Australian Experience in Risk Management

3.1. Effect of Formulation of Legislation

The mine safety legislative reforms of Queensland and New South Wales since 2000 have involved a substantial shift away from detailed prescriptive standards towards a goal setting and process based ... Read more.

3.2. On-site Implementation

The mining industry has progressively adopted risk management at a corporate, site, major mine process and day-to-day practice. The approaches vary in detail and formality but every mining industry ... Read more.

3.3. Education and Training

Education and training for risk management is aligned to the integrated risk management system. The following competencies (Table 14) are defined in the National Coal (MNC04) and Metalliferous ... Read more.

3.4. Audit Methods

Auditing and monitoring of risk management systems are generally considered to be lagging behind the implementation of risk management systems. Risk management should assist in targeting the audit ... Read more.

3. Factors Impacting Australian Experience in Risk Management

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