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2.5.1. Legislation

The US mining industry is typified by prescriptive legislation and a comprehensive inspectorate dedicated to enforcing such legislation. The prescription in this case is to do with prescribing the outcomes of mine management – specifying exactly what a mine must do in order to operate in what is considered to be a safe manner. Prescriptive mining standards rely on existing normalised rules, largely based on current Best Practices, to mandate safety standards. These standards can produce lengthy and detailed regulations. Changing technology and mining conditions require that these regulations must be constantly reviewed and at times modified. Prescriptive standards are incapable of dealing with hazards associated with specialised and dynamic mining conditions. They also produce a culture of compliance that does not encourage leading practice and leads to a reactive approach to managing hazards.

Regulatory standards with a ‘General Duty Clause’ as found in US industries, such as nuclear, petro-chemical and environment; require the provision, design and adherence to activities that ensure the worker is protected. They follow a structured risk management approach to develop proactive approaches to managing the risks. Safety plans focus on a local site’s approach to assessing risks and mitigating the risks through targeted controls.

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