Report: APP CMHS Project 4

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2.1.15. Future Development

Aside from the need to consolidate the level of competence and use of the respective risk management techniques, future development will focus on broadening the risk assessment techniques being applied and developing the maturity level of sites in applying risk management principles. Underground coal mines need to expand the repertoire of techniques used – with more extensive use of Bow tie analysis, FMECA and Fault Tree in particular. These techniques assist organisations to identify high risk individual unwanted events that can lead to potentially catastrophic events; and more importantly, determine control and amelioration strategies to reduce the consequence should such unwanted events occur. There has been a consistent process of improvement over the past 10 years which needs to be sustained in order to further improve the control of mining hazards. Mines are typically at the calculative or compliant phase with a number moving towards proactive. A few are in the transition from proactive to generative or resilient (Figure 6)

Figure 6 UK Health and Safety Executive Hearts and Minds Model

A logical progression for further institutionalising risk management within the Australian coal mining industry is to provide some degree of automation. This is occurring with collaborations of mining companies, software developers and risk management specialists to provide purpose and design specific software and tools to aid the mining technician or professional in risk assessment techniques.

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