Breathing Apparatus can get Contaminated

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Compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA), when stored underground may become contaminated with pathogenic mould fungus. This can produce toxins that can contribute to lung disease and contain potential carcinogens. In a recent incident a component of CABA, which was stored underground in a coal mine was found to contain mould fungus.


The introduction of the Coal Mines (Underground) Regulation 1999 required sufficient escape equipment to be provided to allow a safe way out from the mine through conditions of reduced visibility or possible irrespirable or irritant atmosphere. As a result, many mines introduced . . .


1. Examine all CABA and ancillary equipment including fill stations at mines to ensure they are free from fungal contamination. 2. Remove and isolate any affected apparatus from . . .


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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Printed: 18 April, 2021.

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