Crane Dogger Killed Unloading Chain - Updated

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A crane dogger was killed when struck by a materials trailer, which detached from a crane while being moved to a new position in a pick and carry operation.


Investigations are continuing but contributing factors include, but were not limited to, the following: 1. The wide angle of separation of the links on the crane hook affected security of the load 2. The security was further reduced by the crane travelling with a suspended load. 3. The dogger did not use a tagline and was not in a safe position when the load fell. 4. The crane operator had a limited view of the dogger's location and proximity to the load.


All mines review crane management and practices with regard to: Relevant Australian Standards - in particular AS2550.1 and AS2550.5 for mobile cranes; WorkCover guide "Dogging"; Cranes and lifting equipment being fit for purpose; Lifting equipment being appropriately tagged and checked by a competent person; Awareness of the increasing danger with widening separation of slings or links when they are hung from a hook without the use of a bow shackle; Crane hooks used to the manufacturer's specifications; Ensuring all persons in the vicinity of a crane's load are in a safe location in the event of an unforeseen failure.


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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Printed: 25 February, 2021.

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