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Explosive Powered Tools Warning

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During testing of an explosive powered tool by TestSafe Australia (WorkCover, Londonderry Safety Centre) issues were identified that may affect the safety of persons and the mine.


A correctly assembled and loaded tool was subjected to a standard series of tests in an explosive gas mixture using yellow, red and black cartridges. There were no ignitions. The tool was then operated with the piston removed, no nail in the 'guide' and on an irregular surface. Ignition occurred with all cartridge strengths. It is highly likely that other explosive powered tool systems currently approved for use underground would fail this "non standard" test.


All mines should review and upgrade systems, rules and training with respect to powder actuated tools currently approved for use underground at the mine to ensure the tool is not operated with the piston removed and is not operated without a nail in the 'guide'.


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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NSW Department of Primary Industries


NSW Department of Primary Industries


3 Aug 2004

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