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Load Haul Dump Operator Fractures Wrist

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An operator fractured his wrist when he slipped and fell to the ground after checking the radiator header tank water level.


Due to the location of the machine standard cooling system header tank the operator could not check it from ground level. The machine had no purpose built facilities to allow the operator to safely climb onto the LHD to service the cooling system. It appears that the location of the cooling system pressure release valve was such that it may have enticed the operator to climb onto the LHD from the most difficult side.


On all Eimco EJC 130 load haul dump machines: 1. Carry out an inspection to ensure that adequate facilities have been provided to allow safe completion of routine servicing. Refer to the requirements of the following Department of Primary Industry guidelines MDG - 1 Cl 4.2.3 "Access" and MDG - 15 Cl. 3.1 "Access to Equipment" and the OEM for assistance. 2. Evaluate the risk of completing routine servicing on the machine and, if necessary, fit a modified header tank with in built sight glass and automatic pressure release in a location which allows servicing from ground level. On all LHD machines: Conduct a risk assessment to consider access for maintenance and repair activities.


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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NSW Department of Primary Industries


NSW Department of Primary Industries


3 Sep 2004

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