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Fire on diesel electric truck

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A 1982 Diesel Electric Truck burst into flames while undergoing dynamic horsepower testing and adjustment. The truck was being driven down a ramp fully laden with a tradesman strapped into a body harness on the front deck of the truck performing adjustment. After the fire was noticed the truck was brought to rest and two attempts were made to stop the engine using the key switch in the cab and an emergency stop switch at ground level. An attempt was made to activate the fire suppression system which did not work. The fire was extinguished using mobile fire fighting equipment but re-ignited after supplies of water and foam were exhausted at the incident site. The fire was eventually put out almost four hours after it started. No injuries were sustained, the truck has been written off.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines


Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines


27 Aug 1999

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