Blast crew affected by vapours from acetic acid spill

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On entering a coal shot to commence loading (emulsion), a contractors Explosives Manufacturing Unit (EMU) broke a front left hand suspension spring. Consequently the feed line from a tank containing a 45% solution of acetic acid (N17) was damaged and an estimated 20 litres of acid spilled beneath the truck. Two of the blast crew, who were in the immediate vicinity, were affected by the colourless vapour, falling to their knees with breathing difficulties. They managed to move away from the truck and accessed fresh air and shouted to the third crew member who in turn alerted the truck operator. The truck operator moved the truck forward at which point the acid leak was observed by the third crew member from some two metres away. The truck was stopped, the operator isolated the tank and the area was cleared.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Relates to Queensland (QLD)

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Printed: 31 May, 2020.

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