Crane Rope Breaks While Anti Two-Block Overridden

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The auxiliary hook and headache ball with a combined weight of 30 kg fell 12 m from the boom of a 20 tonne crane landing within 1.5 m from the dogman and his offsider. These two workers were standing under the boom placing a sling on the main hook. The auxiliary rope had broken.

Since the start of the day the override switch for the crane motion cut-outs was in the override ON position. The small override warning lamp was ON. The crane operator focusing on activities at ground level, had forgotten about providing extra rope length for the auxiliary rope to compensate while extending out the boom. Eventually the auxiliary hook reached the boom to a point where the anti two-block warning lamp came on and the auxiliary hook should have stopped moving upwards. However because the override was ON, the auxiliary hook continued upwards into the boom until the rope broke.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Relates to Queensland (QLD)

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Printed: 25 February, 2021.

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