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Blasting Incident - High Potential

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During routine pre-split blasting of the highwall, the blast was initiated by the shot firer
before one of the four guards had given clearance to fire. The guard, also a competent shot firer, had completed his inspection of the highwall area and was in the process of evacuating himself and an excavator driver from the clearance zone.

Whilst picking up the excavator operator the guard heard the count down blast procedure on his vehicle radio, including the radio silence directive. Three attempts were made by the guard to contact the shot firer by radio but all were unsuccessful, no other persons heard the attempted contact. Realising that they would be within the clearance zone at the time of the blast, the guard stopped his vehicle close to the low-wall about 240m from the pre-split blast zone. There were no injuries.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland Government


23 Aug 2000

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