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MSB No. 079 Cyclone emergency preparation, planning, preparedness

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Recent tragic events at a rail construction camp near Port Hedland in the Pilbara region of Western Australia highlight the ferocity and damage nature is able to create in communities and mine sites in the region.

On Friday 9 March 2007 Cyclone George, a category 4 cyclone, crossed the Pilbara coast of Western Australia and caused devastation to a rail construction camp approximately 105 kilometres inland south of Port Hedland in the early hours of the morning. This resulted in two deaths and numerous injuries to rail construction personnel while they were sheltering in their accommodation units, more commonly known in the mining industry as dongas.

Heavy rainfall from the cyclone also caused substantial flooding, which made regional roads impassable and interrupted communication systems, hampering rescue operations in the area. The State Emergency Services including police and medical staff were airlifted by helicopter from Karratha to the rail construction camp to assist in the recovery.


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2 Apr 2007

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