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SB 43 Flameproof Enclosures - Damage To Windows

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An electrical switchgear enclosure from an underground coal mine had been overhauled in an off-site workshop.  Such enclosures use an explosion protection technique known as "flameproof" to control the risk of ignition of methane in the mine atmosphere.  As often required with flameproof enclosures, it was pressure tested to ensure its integrity after the overhaul.  During the test, however, a 325mm x 195mm x 12mm polycarbonate window, mounted in the metal enclosure to allow for a visual inspection of equipment inside, cracked.  If such damage occurred in service, there is no certainty that the flameproof enclosure would retain the explosion protection properties necessary for its safe use in underground coal mines.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines


Queensland Government


30 May 2003

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