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Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 157

Work platform struck by skip and dislodged into shaft

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At an underground mine, routine non-destructive testing (NDT) of a skip conveyance rope was being conducted from a work platform placed across the skip compartment at the shaft brace. The NDT instrument was located on the platform and installed around the rope. The platform was fabricated from steel and weighed about 900 kg.

While conducting the test, the conveyance was lowered to the bottom of the shaft as per the procedure outlined in the task risk assessment. A decision was made to conduct another test, and the winder driver was instructed to bring the skip to the surface in readiness for another test run.

As the skip was brought to the surface, the rope attachments struck and dislodged the platform, which fell 4 metres into the shaft before coming to rest when it wedged between the skip and shaft furniture.

No injuries and minimal actual damage were sustained. However, had the platform fallen to the bottom of the shaft (1000 m), the consequences could have been more serious, including serious injury to persons and major disruption to winding operations.


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8 Sep 2009

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