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Mines Safety Significant Incident Report No. 162

Fitter struck by roller shutter support bracket

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During the removal of a roller shutter assembly from a workshop at a Western Australian mine site, a fitter working from an elevated work platform (EWP) sustained serious head injuries when he was struck by a support bracket for the roller shutter.

The roller shutter assembly consisted of a roller curtain attached to a drum casing. The drum casing was connected to an internal shaft by springs designed to counterbalance the weight of the curtain, thereby assisting an electric motor to raise the curtain. The roller shutter was secured to the building by support brackets attached to each end of the shaft. The brackets were bolted to mounting plates welded to the workshop steel structure (see photographs). The roller shutter was 6 m wide by 5 m high, and the roller shutter assembly weighed 800 kg.

When the fitter removed the final bolt from the support bracket on the non-drive end, the bracket spun and struck the fitter in the head. The fitter was wearing a safety helmet and safety glasses. The glasses were hit by the bracket and may have mitigated the extent of the injuries sustained by the fitter.

There have been previous serious and fatal accidents involving roller shutters in industrial and domestic applications.


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16 Mar 2010

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