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Fire on an underground loader

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A fire occurred on an underground loader being operated in an Explosion Risk Zone 1 (a zone in an underground coal mine where methane levels from 0.5–2% might be encountered). The seat of the fire was on and around the main hydraulic pump, which had oil soaked coal packed beneath it. A piece of engine cover insulation foam beside the pump ignited, creating a small fire.

The loader was being used to provide hydraulic power to a pipe trailer, although for 45 minutes prior to the fire it had simply been manoeuvring the pipe trailer into a different position. At the time of the fire the loader was idling and the operator was in the process of connecting the quick-detach power take-off (QDS/PTO) hydraulic hoses so that the pipe trailer could again be operated.

Within five minutes of the fire being extinguished, temperatures as high as 200oC were still being


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28 Jan 2011

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