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MSB No. 089 Earth-moving equipment tyres and use of tyre handling machinery

Earth-moving equipment tyres and use of tyre handling machinery

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This bulletin is prompted by concern relating to a series of accidents involving heavy earth moving equipment tyres and the
operation of tyre handling machinery. Seven fatalities involving the handling of tyres have occurred at a various mines in the
Australasian region in the past few years, including one in Western Australian in 2008.

An independent study of some 82 tyre accident events in the period 1987 to 2008 revealed:

  • 33 per cent resulted in a fatality;
  • 50 per cent clearly had the potential to result in a fatality;
  • nine per cent resulted in a serious injury; and
  • the remainder caused significant damage.

Clearly, earth-moving equipment tyres, rims and wheel assemblies must be regarded as safety critical items that need to be maintained by competent persons in accordance with documented systems of work addressing all of the risks involved.

Previous safety alerts issued by Resources Safety on this topic include Mines Safety Bulletin 9 (1993) and Mines Safety
Significant Incident Report 124 (2003). This bulletin serves as a reminder for responsible persons at mines to review current work practices and ensure they are adequate.


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13 Nov 2009

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