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MSB No. 095 Ventilation standards in underground mines

Ventilation standards in underground mines

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Inspections of underground operations in the Goldfields have highlighted poor ventilation practices, particularly in the lower level workings of decline mines and in relation to the risks associated with excessive temperatures, the use of diesel equipment and dispersal of fumes after blasting.

The consequences of poor ventilation include:

  • heat exhaustion where temperatures are excessive;
  • exposure to blasting fumes, which can lead to unconsciousness and even death;
  • exposure to excessive levels of diesel particulates, which can lead to occupational health issues such as lung damage; and
  • increased exposure to risk when fatigue results from a poor working environment.

This safety bulletin addresses inadequate ventilation standards in underground mines, including the use of single fans to ventilate multiple headings.


Department of Mines and Petroleum

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14 Feb 2011

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