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SB 32 Fire And Explosion Risks On Hydraulic Excavators

Safety Bulletin 32

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The versatility and manoeuvrability of hydraulic excavators has made them indispensable to the mining industry and they are used in open cut mines throughout Australia. Fundamental to the design of these machines are the numerous hydraulic hoses, some of considerable length, supplying high pressure hydraulic fluid from hydrostatic pumps to hydraulic cylinders and motors that provide linear or rotary motion at the various machine functions. Some of the high pressure hydraulic hoses are subject to flexing and are exposed to mechanical damage. A hose failure can result in hydraulic oil being sprayed around the machine creating a fire risk and in some cases an explosion risk.

The following safety bulletin outlines fire and explosion risks on hydraulic excavators.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland Government


9 Dec 2002

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