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SB 45 Reduction Of Exposure To Rockfalls In Underground Metalliferous Mines

Safety Bulletin 45

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Rockfalls remain one of the greatest hazards to mine workers in underground mines. The development and effective implementation of a Ground Control Management Plan (GCMP), or system, with the cooperation of management, engineering staff, mine workers, and where applicable, consultants can help to reduce, and in certain situations eliminate, the risk associated with rockfalls.

This safety bulletin has been issued to discuss and recommend some ways in which the exposure of persons to rockfalls can be reduced and is intended to encourage mining operations to develop and implement some form of a GCMP.

In addition the aspects of mechanical and manual scaling, supervision and re-entry after blasting are also discussed. It is presumed the audience will have at least a basic understanding of mining and ground control practices.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Peter Minahan, Chief Inspector of Mines


Queensland Government


5 Jul 2004

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