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SB 47 Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis And Explosions

Safety Bulletin 47

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Tyres on trucks, cranes and other heavy vehicles may catch fire under a range of circumstances, with the obvious potential for the tyres to then explode. A lesser-known danger arises when the combustion takes place inside the tyre, with no external signs. Whenever excess heat is developed in or applied to a tyre, it can initiate a process within the tyre known as pyrolysis - the decomposition of a substance by heat. This can cause a build-up of flammable gases and pressure within the tyre, which may ultimately rupture or explode.

The following Safety Bulletin covers Tyre Fires, Pyrolysis And Explosions. This hazard must be recognised, and the possibility of tyre pyrolysis and explosions must be considered in the development of a coal mine's safety and health management system, and in the risk management practices and procedures used by metalliferous mines and quarries.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Peter Minahan, Chief Inspector of Mines


Queensland Government


30 Apr 2004

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