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SB 54 Safety And Maximisation Of Tyre Life

Safety Bulletin 54

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The mining industry has been known to face a worldwide shortage of Large Earth Moving Tyres. Due to this shortage it is inevitable that operating companies will be seeking to maximise tyre life and to review tyre management and maintenance practices. Tyres that were previously taken out of service may have still been 'fit for purpose' and may not have achieved their full potential service life. A move to extending tyre life can be safely managed if appropriate resources and knowledge are applied.

Effective tyre life management requires many inputs and both the production and maintenance streams have important roles to play in safely extending tyre life in our operations. Running tyres to destruction should not be an acceptable strategy to extend tyre life.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Bruce McKinnon, Inspection Officer


Queensland Government


27 Apr 2005

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