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SB 89 Underground Coal Mines - Diesel Engine Inlet Manifold Flame Trap Issue

Safety Bulletin 89

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The Queensland Mines Inspectorate recently issued a Safety Newsflash relating to Specialised
Mining Vehicles’ (SMV) Driftrunner, where it was identified that the engine intake flame trap did
not comply with Australian Standards tolerances for open joint flame paths.
Following the release of the newsflash, SMV issued a Technical Bulletin to industry on the
correct method to identify non-compliance with flame trap tolerances. This issue is no longer
isolated to one manufacturer or type of vehicle. Mines Inspectorate investigation has found that
the same flame trap components are used by other underground equipment manufacturers
supplying diesel machines to Queensland underground coal mines.

The Mines Inspectorate understands the gravity of this situation and the impact on underground
coal mines with restricted diesel machine availability. The obligation remains to ensure the risk
to persons from coal mining operations is at an acceptable level, and this requires that
operators, suppliers, site senior executives and others take reasonable precautions and
exercise proper diligence.

Site senior executives are reminded of their obligations under the Coal Mining Safety and
Health Regulation 2001, section 81 – Action to be taken if certified equipment does not meet
certification requirements or is likely to create an unacceptable level of risk.


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Queensland Government


31 Jul 2009

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