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Synthetic Mineral Fibres

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The purpose of this National Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Synthetic Mineral Fibres is to provide a safe and healthy workplace by outlining safe work practices and general responsibilities when handling synthetic mineral fibres (SMF). Compliance with this should eliminate or control the level of respirable SMF fibres in the atmosphere. This national code of practice provides the basis for the specific schedules which are attached.

This document is based on the two main principles that:
(a) there are general provisions which are applicable in all SMF applications and these are set out in
this national code of practice; and
(b) detailed provisions relating to the use of specific materials in the workplace can be provided
through schedules to this national code of practice.

The application of this national code of practice is designed to ensure that actual exposure should
not exceed 0.5 respirable f/mL.


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May 1990

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