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National Standard for Construction Work

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This national standard sets out requirements for issues that are relevant to construction work. Hazards that are present in construction work and covered by other NOHSC standards include:

  • manual handling
  • plant
  • occupational noise
  • hazardous substances
  • dangerous goods.

This national standard does not set out all the requirements that may need to be satisfied when undertaking construction work. It concentrates instead on the management of those hazards and risks that have a significant construction-specific component.

This national standard applies to:
(a) clients and designers of construction projects;
(b) persons with control of a construction project;
(c) persons with control of construction work;
(d) persons engaged to undertake construction work; and
(e) construction sites;
but does not apply to owners and / or occupiers of dwellings personally performing construction work on those dwellings.

An obligation to comply with a provision of this national standard is an obligation to comply as far as is reasonably practicable. 


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National Occupational Health and Safety Commission


National Occupational Health and Safety Commission


Apr 2005

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