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AS 3873-2001 Pressure Equipment - Operation and Maintenance

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 Regulation 6.26 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Regulations 1995 (WA) state:

(1)         An employer must ensure that —
            (a)         gas cylinders comply with AS 2030; and
            (b)         pressure equipment (other than gas cylinders) that is covered by AS 1200 and is in use is inspected, operated and maintained in accordance with AS 3788,  AS 3873 or AS 2593, where applicable.


About this Standard:

This Standard specifies the minimum requirements and guidance on the operation and maintenance of boilers, pressure vessels, associated control and safety equipment, piping and auxiliaries, and in the execution of such work. It covers actions required by the owner-user from initial receipt of the equipment on-site until final disposal. The Standard applies to commissioning, operation, maintenance, routine inspection, storage and disposal, together with specific requirements for safety management systems, including where appropriate risk assessment. Applies to pressure equipment covered by AS/NZS 1200. The requirements do not apply to all hazard levels of pressure equipment.


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