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AS 1562.3-2006 Design and Installation of Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding


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Under Regulation 422 of the Mines Safety and Inspection Act 1994 (WA):

 ):)The principal employer at, and the manager of, a mine must ensure that construction work at the mine is carried out in accordance with the applicable Australian Standards.
This Standard is specified as one of these Standards.

AS/NZS 1562.3:1996
AS 2921-1987  
AS 2424-1991  


About this Standard:

This Standard sets out procedures for the design and installation of plastic roof and wall cladding materials for walls and roofs.

The Standard is primarily intended to apply to the use of plastic roof and wall cladding materials complying with the AS 4256 suite of Standards.

The sheets do not contribute to the structural or loadbearing capacity of the structure and due allowance should be made to the surrounding structure to compensate for the opening areas. For applications where structural design requirements must be satisfied, reference should be made to the design and testing provisions of AS 1562.1 for roofing without transverse joints.

For use of the sheets in abnormal environmental conditions (e.g. extremes of temperature), the advice of the manufacturer should be sought.


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