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AS 2865-2009 Confined Spaces

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Regulation 144 of the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation 2001 states:
(1) The site senior executive must ensure a person is not exposed to—
(a) an atmosphere in a confined space on the surface of the mine that has—
(i) an oxygen content of less than 19.5% by volume; or
(ii) an oxygen content of more than 23.5% by volume; or
(b) an atmosphere in any other part of the mine that has an
oxygen content of less than 18% by volume.
(2) In this section—
confined space means a confined space as defined in AS 2865
‘Joint National Standard for Safe Working in a Confined Space’.


About this Standard:

This Standard sets out the requirements and risk control measures for ensuring the safety of those who must enter or carry out tasks associated with a confined space. Contains Sections dealing with planning and implementing entry to a confined space. Appendices include guidance for training, risk assessment, atmospheric monitoring and sample forms and permits associated with confined space work.
This Standard is intended to help designers, manufacturers, suppliers, modifiers and users of confined spaces to achieve a safety outcome. It is not exhaustive in its coverage, but it is intended to cover those areas which are of particular concern in regard to confined space safety.


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