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AS 2985 Workplace Atmospheres - Method for Sampling and Gravimetric Determination of Respirable Dust

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Regulation 89 of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (Qld)  states:

A coal mine’s safety and health management system must provide ways of ensuring—
(a) each coal mine worker's exposure to respirable dust at the mine is kept to an acceptable level; and
(b) the worker does not breathe an atmosphere at the mine containing respirable dust exceeding an average concentration, calculated under AS 2985,5 equivalent to the following for an 8 hour period—
(i) for coal dust— 3 mg/m3 air;
(ii) for free silica— 0.1 mg/m3 air.

Regulation 136(3) of the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Regulation 2001 (Qld) states:

If a relevant Australian standard or national standard states a way of carrying out the monitoring or analysis (of workplace exposure), the site senior executive must ensure it is done in the stated way.

This standard provides the method of calculation for the average concentration level of respirable dust.


About this standard:

This Standard sets out a method of the collection and gravimetric determination of respirable dust in workplace atmospheres. This method does not consider the measurement of ‘inhalable’ dust, which is covered in AS 3640.

The objective of this Standard is to provide a method to assess personal exposure to respirable dust by sampling in a worker’s breathing zone. Whilst the method only allows for personal sampling, it can also be used to assist in controlling the occupational environment by means of static samples, i.e. samples taken at a fixed location. However, static samples are not to be used to evaluate health risks unless a specific situation or circumstance indicates otherwise.


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