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Criteria for the assessment of drugs in coal mines

Recognised Standard 07

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The purpose of this standard is to provide guidance on matters required for a workplace regime for the assessment of coal mine workers for improper use of drugs at a mine under Chapter 2, Part 6, Div1, Section42(7) of the Coal Mining Safety and Health Regulation 2001.

ï‚· This standard is for coal mines where agreement has not been achieved with a majority of workers at a mine on the criteria for assessment to decide a person's fitness for work by -

i) Random testing before starting, or during work;

ii) Testing a person if someone else reasonably suspects the person's ability to carry out the person's duties at the mine is impaired because the person is under the influence of drugs.

ï‚· The standard does not imply or suggest actions that should be taken in the event of evidence being found that indicates a person at the mine may be under the influence of drugs to a level that may cause an unacceptable level of risk at a mine site.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland (QLD)


Department of Mines and Energy, Queensland Government


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12 Oct 2009

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