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Violent Tyre Rupture On Dump Truck

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The sidewall of rear inner tyre on a Caterpillar 777 dump truck ruptured violently while parked outside the workshop. The operator who was greasing the front suspension struts was hurled out from under the truck but escaped injury. Fortunately, he was not in line with the air blast. Most of the energy from the blast appears to have dissipated when the air ricocheted from across the opposite set of wheels to hurl the operator out.


Initial investigations indicate that the incident was caused by a previous repair of a sidewall tear (approximately 125 mm x 100 mm) by a tyre repairing company failing during service. However, other possible contributory factors could be operation with under-inflated tyre, poor tyre handling and poor storage practice, improper mounting or a combination of these factors.


Recommendations include developing standards for tyre management through a risk management exercise, ensuring that training and competency requirements for persons involved in tyre repairs are adequately addressed, and ensuring that designers, manufacturers, importers, suppliers, tyre repairers and other service providers are aware of and understand their obligations under the Mining and Quarrying Safety and Health Act 1999 and the Coal Mining Safety and Health Act 1999.


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2 Sep 2002

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