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Underground Vehicle Engine Flame

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A Load Haul Dump vehicle was stopped at an underground location and tagged by the operator has having an injector problem. Later a fitter visually examined the flameproof engine but could see no fault. The engine was started and a 150mm flame shot out of the top of the engine. An investigation revealed the plug that blanks the glow plug hole was missing. Glow plugs are not allowed in underground flameproof engines.


It is believed the 'plug' has vibrated loose over time, assisted by the cyclic change of internal pressure in the engine cylinder. The resultant loss in pressure in the pre combustion chamber, when the plug finally fell out, has alerted the driver that a fault has developed in the engine.


Recommendations include ensuring all flameproof engines are checked for loose plugs, adding a routine check of plug security to the regular maintenance system, and making sure that all engine maintenance personnel are aware of the location of the blanking plugs and the consequences of a missing or loose plug.


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3 Sep 2002

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