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Eimco Hits Methane Drainage Pipeline

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An Eimco was engaged on cleaning a methane drainage installation site at the stub which was flooded with slurry from a burst water pipe on updip side of the place. While doing this, it hit one of the pipe ranges of the stub causing leakage of methane to general body of the mine atmosphere.


This incident occurred because a job safety analysis (JSA) was not conducted prior to commencing this cleaning activity, there was no retaining wall on the entry at the cut through to prevent water or slurry entering into the stub, the water level on the stub was high enough to prevent proper visibility to the Eimco operator during cleaning, and flexible pipes were not properly supported to avoid damage by any equipment used for such cleaning purposes.


Recommendations include conducting risk assessments which include vehicular movement near methane drainage range, ensuring a JSA is conducted prior to commencing any job that may affect safety of methane drainage range, arranging to divert water from stubs prior to installation where flooding potential is high, and training operators of mobile machinery adjacent to methane gas drainage pipelines in the correct method of isolation of the range and subsequent communications of the incident.


Department of Natural Resources and Mines

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Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines


27 Nov 2002

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