Queensland Fatality - Prime Mover Rim Assembly Failure

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A person suffered fatal injuries while changing a dual tyre and rim assembly on a drive axle bogey of a road train prime mover. The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines have issued the following information regarding the accident. ; A Newsflash issued on the 8 August 2005. ; A Safety Alert No 136 issued on the 22 August 2005.


The tyre rims were typical 5 piece earthmover assemblies. The inner tyre was pressurized. Upon removal of the outer tyre and rim assembly retaining clamps, the inner rim assembly failed. The rim assembly failure released the potential energy of the tyre with explosive force, propelling the outer tyre and rim assembly and failed components of the inner rim assembly off the hub


1. The current Australian Standard (AS 4457:1997) Earth-moving machinery ; Off-Highway Rims and Wheels-Maintenance and Repair is very specific for the demounting of this type of tyre and rim assembly: Prior to loosening any wheel nuts, any tyre fitted to a demountable rim to be changed shall be carefully deflated to a maximum pressure . . .


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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