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Electric shock from a light fitting

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A mineworker received an electric shock when his forearm made contact with a flameproof Burn Brite fluorescent light fitting (Certificate No AUS EX 424X) on a continuous miner in the hazardous zone of a coal mine. The victim was transported to hospital in accordance with the mines electric shock protocol and was allowed to leave after medical tests and examination determined that no permanent injury had occurred...


The three factors of: 1. A failure of the ingress protection ; 2. Unearthed external metal on the Burn Brite light fitting, and ; 3. The 500 mA/250 ms setting of the earth leakage protection, combined to present two separate hazards in the hazardous zone of the coal mine. These hazards were; 1. A touch voltage was able to deliver an electric shock to a mineworker,; AND 2. The explosion-protected equipment failed to contain the electrical energy within the enclosure under fault conditions creating a potential source of ignition of methane


The issues raised herein may also apply to other light fittings and on other machinery at NSW mines. ; Manufacturers of light fittings and continuous miners, should review the risks to safety from their products and to promptly stipulate earthing, protection, maintenance and inspection requirements to their customers as required by the NSW OHS Act...


NSW Department of Primary Industries

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NSW Department of Primary Industries


3 Sep 2005

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