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Please note that COMPLIANCEgate is still under construction and there may be additions and changes accordingly.

COMPLIANCEgate has been established as an online national database of guidance material, where anyone with a duty to comply is able to search for relevant information that may assist in fulfilling that duty.

Suggestions on using COMPLIANCEgate

COMPLIANCEgate allows quick and easy cross referencing of compliance related documents and information - all in one convenient location.

The documents are classified within three basic criteria:

Classification by region or jurisdiction

If you need to quickly access all the various documents that pertain to a specific jurisdiction then you can quickly summarize this list by clicking the 'Documents by region' menu.

Classification by organisation

The documents can be defined by the particular organisation that published them. Click on 'Documents by organisation' to list the various organisations and their jurisdictions.

Classification by document type

Documents within each jurisdiction are further classified into a hierarchy of document types allowing quick distillation of information so you can quickly access the documents of importance to you.

The major classifications within the document types tend to fall into these subcategories:


A summary of principal legislation which applies to mines within the particular jurisdiction.

Standards Referred to in Legislation

Specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended to.

Codes of Practice

A code of practice provides practical guidance on how to comply with a general duty or a specific duty.

Other Guidance Material

Other helpful guidance material without an official classification.

Australian and International Standards

Documents that refer to federal and international standards.

The documents are generally classified into a further three areas:


Documents that pertain to all mine types or of a general nature.


Documents that pertain specifically to coal mines.


Documents that pertain specifically to metalliferous mines.

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