MIRMgate is a not for profit initiative of the University of Queensland to provide the minerals industry with comprehensive safety information.


The Minerals Industry Risk Management Gateway (MIRMgate) is a portal to a comprehensive library of information related to hazard and risk management in the mining, minerals processing and quarrying industries. MIRMgate provides direct access to online resources sourced from Australian and global minerals industry bodies, including companies, industry associations and regulatory bodies. Content of MIRMgate is carefully selected and scrutinised for its suitability for assistance with site risk assessment.


Search Options

There are a number of ways to find useful information on MIRMgate, ranging from very simple keyword searches to very specific or advanced options.

  • Input keywords into the basic search to find general information
  • Select advanced search parameters such as date, coverage and organisation to locate exact information
  • Browse by subject, task or hazard and filter the results to find specific information

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