TYREgate Background

ACARP 1st Tyre project

This initial project was triggered by a tyre fatality at a north Queensland mine in February 2004 and resulted ultimately in the design and launch of TYREgate, a web based tyre and rim accident and incident causal factor database.

A spate of further tyre related accidents that year including a quadruple fatality at an Indonesian mine led Klinge & Co. Risk & Business Improvement Manager, Mr Tilman Rasche to apply  for initial ACARP funding to carry out an in depth review of such accidents and incidents, and importantly what learnings could be  shared amongst the mining community.

The 12-month ACARP project C15046, initiated by Klinge & Co. known as “Review and Analysis of Tyre Related Accidents and Incidents – a Study with Recommendations to Improve Tyre & Rim Maintenance and Operational Safety of Rubber Tyred Equipment (T. Rasche and T. Klinge, 2006)”, was successfully completed and presented a “first” milestone analysis of tyre and rim related accidents and incidents data.

Key to the review was the use of the  widely used  “Incident Cause Analysis Method” or “ICAM” methodology to provide an objective and rigorous examination of tyre and rim accidents and incidents’,  their root and contributing causes and industry adopted means of hazard and risk control.

Adopting the ICAM methodology also allowed subsequent and further population of the incidents/accident database in a consistent manner as they become available.

This first study based its findings on a total of then 82 publicly available incident reports (largely from Australasian, American, & Canadian region), 30 of which resulted in single or multiple fatalities. In the last 4 years alone, up to and including conclusion of the initial incident research, the author has become aware of at least six fatalities related to tyre and rim maintenance work in the Australasian region. Over the last 12 months (2008), two more tyre related deaths were reported to the authors.

The development of TYREgate from the initial review has clearly proven the benefits of collaboration between a research body (University of Queensland – MISHC), a regulatory body (Queensland Department of Mines and Energy) and Klinge & Co, a mining industry service provider, contractor and consultant specialising in earthmover tyre and rim management systems at a global level.

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