Features and Benefits

A particular feature of TYREgate is the ability to search the data through an “innovative graphing tool”.

TYREgate will assist designers, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of plant to meet their legislative obligations to ensure the equipment or plant is “fit for purpose” so that, when used properly, the risk to persons from the use of the plant is at an acceptable level.

Some of the features of TYREgate include:

  • Innovative and dynamic “graph searching tool”
  • Generate, download and print
    • real time accident / incident statistics
    • TYREgate Checklists
  • Find recommendations to support the Risk Management decision making process
  • Direct link to EMESRT Tires & Rims Design Philosophy

Use TYREgate in your maintenance and operation areas to

  • Understand and manage ‘off the road’ tyre and rim related hazards,
  • Generate, download and print checklists,
  • Use wide range of information in risk assessments, and
  • Support decision making processes.

'3-Click' Search

The TYREgate '3-click' search can help provide meaningful and structured solutions to tyre related issues.

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